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The Summons to the Secret Councils

Part II

                       The Great Commander Ashtar Speaks


       "In the Authority of the Great Light of Jesus-Sananda, I greet
       you. I am Ashtar."

        "We desire to speak to our people. We desire to speak to the
       Elect of God who have chosen and been chosen to come as
       volunteers from out of their midst to walk the Earth, to endure
       the darkness and the challenges and the problems, yea, the
       temptations; yet to stand and be ready when our call comes to
       them. As Commander, it is my desire to speak to all of these
       throughout this hemisphere, as messengers, as teachers, as
       guidance counselors, as channels of Light and beams of the Love
       of God to the planet. We have need now to lift you into our
       presence for a brief moment of time for purposes of special
       training and many other matters which cannot be handled in any
       other way. These gatherings shall not be simultaneous
       throughout the globe, but shall take place in seven various
       sectors, one at a time. We cannot dispense our forces
       efficiently by having all of you at once. Therefore, we shall
       undertake this program in units, by areas, as we have organized
       other programs in the past.

        We are attempting to streamline our program so that the time
       can be shortened. We have prepared our facilities with great
       care and outlined our agenda very carefully so that the utmost
       efficiency in all of these things mat be applied.

        One of the most important elements within all of this activity
       is that you would become personally acquainted with each other
       in a network of sharing the knowledge of the mission to each
       member. One might call you a 'secret army', so to speak, for
       you are an army in spiritual warfare, and in most cases, your
       activity will be in secret. Nevertheless, a vast portion of the
       program will not be in secret, but rather, deliberately
       publicized as a part of our strategy, and details concerning
       that strategy have already been delivered to this messenger to
       be incorporated into the text of the material.

        I am assured by the officers under my Command who represent the
       various units and areas of this hemisphere for which I am
       responsible; I am assured by these that almost all of the Earth
       representaives are now ready in their awareness to be taken
       into our presence without undue adjustments or misalignments or
       misunderstanding, and that we may now carry on with our plans
       to fulfill this enormous project. I am Ashtar, of the star ship
       upon which our Beloved Commander, Sananda, travels and calls
       His home away from home, although of course, this great Avatar
       is capable of being anywhere and everywhere simultaneously.

        Within the network of our Commands and the Galactic
       Confederation, we have an interlocking communications system
       through which every individual craft may at any given moment
       receive a certain transmission simultaneously. In many cases
       when one of you is in an act of service or some victory for the
       Light is occuring, reports of these are instantaneously sent
       throughout the hemisphere and the entire spiritual hierarchy.
       It is impossible for you to conceive the speed with which our
       communications go forth throughout the entire universe. I can
       absolutely assure you that your reception of our message when
       the alert has come, will be received. We are capable of
       entering the thought patterns of any individual upon the planet
       and implanting there our impressions in keeping with Universal
       Law, clearly and decisively. Each and every one of you who is
       on Earth assignment to be a part of this program will receive
       clear signals and a message that cannot be mistaken nor

        Whatever your past experiences in telepathic communication have
       been, or your progress in conscious awareness of these
       revelations, you will receive our message loud and clear. You
       will be personally approached either by one of us, or be told
       by one who represents us. Do not make any moves or changes or
       hesitate when this is received. By the same token, do not take
       any action along these lines if these or one of these is not
       received. Do not be concerned nor unduly upset if you do not
       participate in this first temporary lift-up of souls who serve
       with us. This merely means that your action in the plan is
       elsewhere, and you will be taken for your instructions or will
       receive them in some other manner. Do not take any personal
       affront if you are not alerted or are not a participant in this
       first phase of our plan. Your time will come later, and these
       instructions are not necessary for you at this time.

        We are bringing together those of high leadership status whose
       responsibilities are far-reaching, and of such nature that
       special instructions and training must be given if they are to
       fulfill their portion of the mission. These have long been in
       accord with us on inner levels and have spent much time in
       coordinating necessary discussions relating to their missions
       while out of body in their night visits with our councils. All
       of these have sat in our council meetings while their bodies
       have slept. Each of you who are to be lifted up in this special
       gathering have all participated in intergalactic and
       interplanetary council meetings and listened to preparedness
       programs. This meeting, in our presence, will take place upon a
       conscious level. You will retain your full consciousness at
       every moment and at all times. On this visit you will take with
       you when you return to Earth situations, a full recall of all
       that has transpired, along with many evidences of where you
       have been. Each one of you will be able to prove your sojourn
       with us, for each will receive undeniable proof to combine with
       the testimony of many others throughout the globe, presenting
       accounts consistant with your own. You will be given two
       objects -- one to wear, and one to hold -- that will anchor you
       to that moment for the rest of this embodiment.

        You will return to your earthly situations with a quiet
       spiritual authority that will never be taken from you and will
       never forsake you. You will be annointed with spiritual
       credentials and spiritual abilities representing your badge of
       initiation and mission. At first, your words will be scoffed at
       and your reports will bring laughter to the multitudes. But all
       over the world you will stand together, united in your story,
       consistant in your report, agreeing in your details, and you
       will cause them to remove the smiles from their countenances
       when your credentials are activated. You are the
       representatives of the Highest Celestial Government and the
       Highest Council of this Solar System, as well as the Highest
       Tribunal of the Interplanetary Councils. All of us will
       reinforce each and every one of you, and you will be convinced
       of this before you leave our midst to return.

        There are so many of you presently to be lifted, trained and
       prepared. It is a project of such magnitude that words can
       scarcely describe not only the effort thus far invested into it
       over many centuries, but also, the great labor and the millions
       of volunteers that make it possible.

        Therefore, my closing words to my beloved brothers and sisters
       of Light in this message is a salute to you in the sign of the
       Solar Cross. I hold forth my right hand of blessing upon each
       one of you. You know who you are. You know where you stand in
       your places and your inner guidance. Unfortunately, our words
       and messages will confuse many, but those who must hear will
       hear; and those who must see will see. To him that hath ears to
       hear, let him hear; to him that hath eyes to see, let him see.
       So be ready, brethren. Be alert. Be listening, for your call
       shall come. I am Ashtar, one who commands millions of men in
       this hemisphere for Our Beloved Commander-in-Chief, Jesus the
       Christ and the World Savior."

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