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The Summons to the Secret Councils

Part I

                         Andromeda Rex is the Speaker


       "In the Great Light, I greet you. I am Andromeda Rex.
       The Commands are sending forth an extra power to those whose
       vibrations can handle the higher frequencies. We will now be
       stepping up all of those who are capable, to their highest
       capacity. The trembling of body you are presently experiencing
       is an incidental aspect of this accelerated frequency. We are
       all alerted and geared up for a massive sweep of power to
       accentuate all Light frequencies upon the planet. A tremendous
       input of Light through beam radiation is now being undertaken
       for purposes of quickening the Light bodies of all who can
       receive it. This action tends to be one of preparation for that
       which is to come later.

        There is also underway a great spiritual urgency toward the
       integration of Light souls toward each other. We are attempting
       through these higher frequencies to draw Light Workers closer
       together in feeling and purpose. The networking objective is
       going on successfully. We are attempting to create a CONSCIOUS
       NETWORK of Light Beings in embodiment, that will be CONSCIOUSLY
       entered into and CONSCIOUSLY COOPERATED WITH for purposes that
       will come later. This CONSCIOUS linking of souls is most
       important to our objective in preparing for mass intervention
       if events warrant this action.

        The NETWORK, CONSCIOUSLY accepted, becomes a great force for
       the ongoing of our program toward the rescue of, and assistance
       to, the planet. Even in New Age circles there must be a falling
       away of technical differences and an emphasis upon things on
       which there is agreement. Regardless of the particular slant or
       emphasis of truth, there must be a CONSCIOUS DESIRE TO BECOME A
       LINK in the great chain of ground forces rather than to stand
       alone. It is this CONSCIOUS desire to be a CONSCIOUS OPERATING
       portion of the whole, that will create the proper atmosphere
       for the uplifting of frequencies I have described.

        Therefore, let all those who serve with us strive toward this
       holy attitude of ONENESS with each other, that we might all
       function together as one great beam of Light upon the Earth.
       This effort toward united purpose is the present focus in our
       interaction with our brothers and sisters of Light now in human

        These Gatherings represent a highly momentuous occasion. There
       has never yet been anything like this in the history of
       mankind's sojourn upon the planet. Similar incidents have
       fragmentarily taken place in isolated cases far between, in the
       past and last generation, but nothing on so large a scale, so
       thoroughly organized as this venture. Neither were the former
       results that far-reaching, yet there has been a tremendous
       secret penetration in the past forty years. But following these
       secret council meetings and the return of the Elect to their
       octave, there will be an immediate saturation of all the news
       media and worldwide recognition of those who have thus been
       honored by this encounter. This will be one of the greatest
       news stories ever written.

        This program will be a very detailed briefing of coming events
       which will set up and coordinate our ground forces in a very
       specific manner while outlining levels of authority and
       responsibilities. Our key Commanders, now incarnate, will be
       introduced to each other and the fellowship will be a precious
       experience. The marshalling of all of our forces for this
       undertaking which is so important to the Hierarchal Program,
       has been a tremendous challenge and one in which thousands have
       beautifully cooperated.

        In this Great Cosmic Light, I salute you. I am Andromeda Rex."

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