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The Great Council
of the Lords of Light

Part 2
Korton Speaks at the Great Council

       "Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One. I am Korton.
       Highly respected and honorable Lords and Ladies of many worlds,
       many galaxies and far away places, it is my privilege to be
       with you and to bring you some thoughts of our group concerning
       the purposes for which we have gathered.

        During these summer months on Earth, we have been very active
       organizing ourselves for these coming special Gatherings. Our
       work will soon be concluded and these seven Councils with our
       Earth Leaders can begin. Our many preparations have taken much
       time, and details have been going on at a feverish pace.

        Basically, the communication devices we have proposed are to be
       fairly identical in all seven divisions. They need not be the
       same in appearance, but in function they must be the same. As
       the needs were presented to each group quite some time ago, it
       has been ingenious the diversity of designs that have been
       brought forth, yet all do indeed coordinate with all others in
       the functions performed and the vital needs fulfilled. There
       will be an identifying crystal of certain color for each, which
       immediately indicates the group to which that person is
       assigned, as well as the Sector Commander. This central stone
       will also be the crystal that is in attunement with the body
       vibrations of the one who wears it and who is in direct contact
       with his Commander craft. This device will also have a factor
       incorporated into its design which will serve as levitating or
       traveling device for any emergency, as well as another built-in
       deposit of crystaline energy functioning as a means of
       producing invisibility as needed in times of danger. Of all the
       equipment with which we will arm our Earthean Eagles, the
       greatest will be the unveiling of their memories and the
       revelation of their identities and missions to the planet

        We are also greatly pleased to at last be able to bring about a
       complete network of acquainting them all with one another so
       that they may know as we are known and can meet face to face
       with their coworkers in this plan. There will be a great love
       between them as they labor together and help one another.

        All of us who make up the Commands patroling Earth have longed
       to see this unity and coordinating action take place on
       physical levels. These Great Gatherings will bring this to pass
       and Heaven and Earth will enjoy a unity of purpose unknown for
       millions of cycles. In daring to let our representatives be
       exposed to the Earth world, we have taken great care in
       planning how this would be done. By stationing those who are a
       part of our mission within the ranks of world media, we will be
       able to do this in simultaneous break of the news releases,
       that will eliminate all opposition, and will at least give us
       an honest reporting of events. A few large interests will
       withhold the story, but will later get on the bandwagon as so
       many consistantly begin to come forth. The lives of our
       representatives will be intensely protected while their
       testimony is being given and carrying on. Other representatives
       everywhere will join in their defense. It is this daring
       exposure for those who serve with us that will turn the hearts
       of the multitudes to consider the words of these few. Total
       recall will be permitted in their ranks and all will return
       with a fully-operating spiritual opening of their abilities to
       handle every spiritual need which confronts them. All will
       become spokesmen for the Commands and teachers of truth. At
       best, their testimony will be brief, lasting only untill the
       evacuations begin, but vital in their intensity and impact.

        This is the program, ladies and gentlemen, with which the world
       will be turned. This is also the method with which evacuation
       will be carried on from the Earth level. All of these
       self-sacrificing leaders will remain untill the last moment for
       directing others, teaching others, and assisting in the
       creation of an atmoshere free of fear around those clusters of
       humanity preparing for their rescue. It is this Special Legion
       who will be answering questions, teaching the people, and
       preparing their hearts for that which is to come. Without them,
       our mission would not proceed in its purpose, for the aura of
       fear and hostility toward us still remains on a general scale.

        We will be working closely together in our committee meetings
       to coordinate these many details and prepare ourselves for
       action as soon as possible. There is not a moment of Earth time
       to be wasted in this preparation. The sound of war comes ever
       closer, and the planet within prepares its response! We must
       make haste in our final proposals and go forth from this great
       conclave with all final decisions agreed upon. We must have
       unity in our midst and the willingness to surrender our desired
       suggestions for the benefit of the whole and completion of our
       work here.

        Again, I thank you for this opportunity to speak with all of
       you and to be a part of this great council for so important a
       mission. Thank you, my brothers and sisters, on whom the Light
       of Our Radiant One ever shines! I thank you. Adonai, I am

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