GREAT_COUNCIL3.HTM Last edited on 11/03/2002

The Great Council
of The Lords of Light

Part 3
Beloved Jesus-Sananda Addresses
The Great Council

       "Beloved Ones, I am Jesus-Sananda, the Lord of The Radiant

        Courageous, loyal and devoted Lords and Ladies of this and many
       great galaxies, you have given me a very pleasant chore this
       afternoon, in speaking and meeting with all of our dedicated
       Leaders and Directors of our great Intergalactic program for
       Peace. I am the honored one in beholding your beautifull
       countenances and responding to the Love that flows through each
       one of your beings and outward toward Me.

        I have come to join with all of you in this final preparation
       for that great event which we have planned together for so
       long. It is a great moment for my own heart, as it is for
       yours. We have not only labored in the planning for the event,
       we have likewise labored in the effort to prevent its
       necessity. Now we must secure our decisions and go forward with
       our Plan.

        In the beginning of our active programming we will have the
       assistance of the entire Angel Kingdom, under the supervision
       of Michael and His Legions. El Morya will exercise his
       administration of the Blue Flame of protection and build a wall
       of Blue Fire around each chela who is destined to be taken into
       your midst to be returned again for the final stages of their
       service to humanity. Each one, I am assured, will be surrounded
       in the circle of Blue Flame from the first Divine Ray of
       manifestation, and Michael's Angels will be bodyguards to them
       all. All of this attention, plus your own beams upon them
       directly from your craft, should well protect them and their
       mission from all harm and interference.

        We have brought all of you together in this conference for a
       feeling of encouragement as well as for practical reasons. Let
       us join in Love to one another as we realize that the long
       battle soon will end, that our efforts for the planet Earth
       shall soon see fruition and the joyfull reunion of all of us
       with our brothers and sisters in service there.

        We have great things and great surprises in store for them, and
       words cannot describe the joy with which we anticipate this

        great reunion. We must realize and understand that both the
       Leadership meetings and the evacuation stages may be a great
       shock to some of them. Their human reactions may be unprepared
       for these events. It is for this reason that a book is now
       being prepared through the coordinated efforts of Kuthumi and
       the Ashtar Command, in which most of these details will be
       revealed to all of the souls of Light. I have requested that
       this very conclave be included in its contents. We have had to
       proceed with great caution in revealing our strategy and plans
       for this new touch with mankind. We have had to consider his
       binding theological prejudices, his apathy, his indifference,
       his general closemindedness in most of these things, but most
       of all, his outright hostility to those whom the Father has
       sent to reason with him. Because of this militancy, our
       progress for the world plan has been delayed for twenty-five
       years. Many have wearied that it would ever come to pass, not
       only in your group, but our Earth contactees as well.

        We are trusting that the witness of these Special Leaders and
       their campaign outlining the Divine Program of rescue by those
       whom the Father will send to them, will in that dark hour of
       Earth's evacuation, proceed with a minimum of interference from

        I send a special dispensation of annointing for this task upon
       all of these whom you will take into your midst. They shall
       carry within their inner being great power and perseverance in
       this ongoing battle for the minds of men. They shall not be
       left unequipped without the proper spiritual weapons with which
       to carry forward this encounter. All shall be filled with
       spiritual power and annointed to meet every need from the
       overflow of their inward blessings.

        They will have constant attunment with those of you who guard
       them and guide their ministries. The mystical objects you have
       prepared for them represent a great contribution for their
       behalf, and this will secure for them all of the remaining
       protection that is necessary. When the days of evacuation are
       upon us, these will be the ones to whom you will turn to for
       the help that is needed upon Terra. Those few moments of
       feverish action will bring about the gathering of the wheat
       into My barn for the Eternal harvest.

        I convey to you, ladies and gentlemen, the total gratitude of
       the Celestrial Government of this Solar System for your long
       participation in the Divine Plan for planet Earth. Yours is the
       supreme example of the kind of life that has been held out to
       mankind through many aeons of time. As you fellowship with
       them, they will see and absorb the Love that abounds within you
       and will be drawn to your governing philosophies of freedom and
       respect for the Divine image within all of the Father's
       creation. My blessings radiate to each one of you and

        overshadow you with the emanations of my own Light as you have
       so beautifully earned the "well done" of Our Father. Friends of
       the highest purity and worthiness, I thank you. I am Jesus the
       Christ, the Beloved Great Commander Sananda -- The Radiant One
       -- to all of these Great Ones in attendance at this vital