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The Great Council Meeting
of the Lords of Light.

Part 1
Mon-Ka Addresses the Great Council

              (Mon-Ka is seated to the right side of Ashtar's
              chair. As he rises to speak, the hall bursts with a
              standing ovation of salutations to Beloved Mon-Ka,
              our great leader).

        "In the Light of Our Radiant One, I, Mon-Ka, greet you.
       Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the great Commands that
       circle the Earth. Our fellowship together at this full moon
       period has a touch of sadness to it, when we consider the
       purpose of our meeting. None of us can look upon the events in
       store for planet Earth without that twinge of regret within our
       being that it might have been different had man responded to
       the Great Light that was given.

        Nevertheless, we do rejoice together for the many who have made
       it, and who will carry on the program of the Kingdom of God on
       Earth when the Earth is made ready.

        I am bringing you this morning, a portion of our findings as we
       have monitored the Earth population in its acsension toward
       spiritual unfoldment. There are at least forty million souls
       now embodied who are our own representatives, who follow our
       directives and give attention to our words. This group will
       form the nucleus of the first two phases of evacuation. Within
       that nucleus, of course, are the Special Volunteers whose
       missions are detailed in the records for your sectors.

        We have gathered here for the purpose of reconciling all of our
       efforts toward the unveiling and the training of the Earth
       leaders, and bring all of our separate plans into harmony with
       the whole. I am aware that all of you have labored long, and in
       the presence of great opposition, to fulfill your scheduling
       for this event. It is clear that all councils will not occur at
       one given moment, but within each sector it is hoped that all
       candidates will participate at one time. We have now agreed
       that there will be seven worlwide sectors or divisions by area,
       in which these gatherings will take place.

        In our meetings that follow, these seven sector Commanders will
       share with you their detailed plans and will receive your
       comments and counter suggestions concerning them. We ask of you
       only that in your attention upon these seven leaders, you will
       take back with you into your varied areas of responsibilities,
       the vibration of concern and urgency that you feel in our midst

        These Gatherings are the apex of the wedge in a salvation of a
       planet. These Elect ones will be our hands and feet and our
       voices for the time that remains between now and the coming
       removal of the Lighted Ones from the planet. We have attempted
       to discern the times in Earth calculations of time, when events
       will bring on these contingencies. However, it is impossible at
       this moment to give you or anyone else a distinct date or time
       reference. The date of each individual council will be
       determined here today, but the span of time before the first
       evacuation cannot be determined. Therefore, we must maintain
       and continue in total readiness at all times, for the call may
       reach us at any moment.

        Our friends of the Jupiter Command are keeping us posted within
       seconds of Earth time, on every smallest detail of events
       BEFORE THEY HAPPEN! They are doing an excellent work in
       monitoring the secret government councils of the world nations.
       They do not register all of the proposed plans, but evaluate
       each leader within his emotional and rational being to
       determine his probable response to any given set of
       circumstances. So far, they have been one-hundred percent
       correct in this type of analysis, making it an indispensible
       source of reference for the entire program. It allows us to be
       just a little ahead of mankind in their own access to reports
       of world events.

        Therefore, I share with you the excitement of this moment in
       getting 'on with it', so to speak, in bringing all of our
       preparations and plans into focus and action. As spokesman for
       the Saturnian Council of this Solar System, I welcome you to
       these policy decisions and will be enjoying meeting with as
       many of you as possible at this conclave. My gratitude is
       extended to our gracious hosts, Commander Anton, of Cook
       Mountain; and Captain Avalon, of this great communications
       center; and to our Chairman, Commander Ashtar. Ladies and
       gentlmen, I thank you. In the Light of Our Beloved One, I am

       Mon-Ka. Adonai"

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