As AnReal ShaLaeLa O'LonRa, names given to me by the Ashtar Command directly in a Vision! I come from the Angelic Realms in the Ashtar Command!!! I also have origins not in this galaxy but as a Hybrid-Zeta, pictures which I will eventually link to these pages!

Working in the 7th Fleet, I have been on a couple of ships: The WaveStar & now the Explorer, RainbowLight~~I was recently commissioned to join 11 other Commanders in the Ashtar Command (some of whom are known to us here, to be sent out in a Fleet by Ashtar, to search out NEW Universes & planets!!!

The 7th Fleet itself, is a group of many mixed types of aliens from many galaxies who wish to support & work for Ashtar!!! One of my dearest friends is a Reptilean & he is forever a source of JOY to me!!! Maybe some of you have seen that movie, "Enemy Mine"~~~a must see if you want to understand how we can really get along with other races & species!!!

PS My name on my ship is Commander Starene~~


This is a picture of how I generally look on board ship~a mixture of human & Zeta~~~I have the Big eyes, whitish hair, quite Tall!!!

keep trying!

Who is Affiliated with the Command?

The Ashtar Command is composed of personnel in their millions, representing many dimensions, civilizations and points of cosmic origin. At this time, We have Earth based Earth born representatives - Commanders, walk-ins and embodied Rays of some of the High Command Who function usually from OverSoul levels. We can thus manifest upon Earth and still fulfill Our duties within the fleets. We are all here to assist with the vibrational acceleratoin of this planet and its establishment in the Seventh Golden Age. In each instance, We are known by Our joyous good-will, serenity and radiant LOVE for all life!
Adonai, Ashtar
channeled by Ashtar-Athena


We are not limited by time, space, distance or size! Thus We can manifest as a tiny glowing spark, a shimmering bubble, a form as large as a skyscraper, or as a city-sized mothership! Our starships are called Merkabah, counter rotating wheel-like fields of LIGHT! Light Body vehicles of great beauty, molded of Our harmonized collective essence, to lovingly serve our missions and unified intention. In a true sense, WE manifest AS Our ships of Light and are not really separate from them, yet they contain environments as real to US at our level as your environment is to you at yours!
Adonai, Ashtar
through Ashtar-Athena