What is our MISSION? channeled by Ashtar-Athena

"We are the Celestial Hosts Who serve the Most Radiant One, Lord Christ Sananda in His mission of LOVE! We work in coordination with the legions of Michael, Uriel, Jophiel, Gabriel and the seventy Brotherhoods of Light that administer the Divine Plane. We serve as Guardians and Caretakers overseeing the evolution within this universal sector and also monitor and stabilize the planetary grids and tectonic plate systems!"

"Differant fleets within the Command specialize in Spiritual education, ascension, scientific survey, communication, monitoring planetary affairs and the well-being of Our personnel, intergalactic protocol and statesmanship, universal law, species observation, media and artistic expression, healing, horticulture, astrophysics, zoology, species seeding and relocation, and many other areas of research!"

"Our mission administers the Sacred Ordinances of the Lord God Most High and functions through the Elohim, the Councils of Orion, the Great Central Sun Heirarchy and the Order of Melchizedek. We also represent the spiritual Hierarchial Councils of Venus, Sirius and the Saturnian Tribunal at the highest dimensional levels!
In Loving Service to the ONE, Adonai, Ashtar~~~"