Commander Korton's Disourse

                              on World Evacuation

           (Commander Korton, is presently known as the Head of
           K O R, the main Communications Network of this Solar
           System, which is located at the North Regio Sector,
           above the Planatia of Utopia, on Planet Mars.)

        "Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One. I am Korton.
       We of the communications system headquarters located on Mars,
       constantly monitor all communications that are transmitted
       throughout the Ashtar Command as well as all comminucations
       received or sent forth to or from our representatives, channels
       and messengers presently on Earth. It gives me great pleasure
       once again to administer to you a few thoughts which may be a
       somewhat worthy contribution to this coming effort.

        In the beginning of this decade, as the Great Council convened
       to discuss planetary affairs, much heaviness filled our hearts.
       The situation existing in and around and upon the planet was
       crucial, because of the evil ministrations and the dark
       intentions of certain ones embodied in your midst. These dark
       ones desire to instigate world situations which would produce
       chaos and disorder within the Earth family and result in
       tremendous unnecessary loss of life from this platform of
       evolution. Growth and evolvement would be disrupted for many
       souls, as well as ultimately defeating the Glory of God
       intended to fill Earth with Love and Grace.
       We have known the utmost effort to this end would be extended
       by this group of whom I speak, during the period of 1982 and
       1983, and possibly extending into 1984 and beyond. The ultimate
       goal is nuclear war and destruction of the present prevailing
       economic system. The final idea of enslavery of mankind and
       total subjection of humanity to the ruling few would result in
       total extinction of freedom of will and man's right of choice
       to determine his pathway. As embodied sparks of the Divine,
       this choice is their inherent right, ordained at creation. The
       tenets of Universal Law prevail in all of the solar systems and
       galaxies of this universe. We have therefore been given the
       authority to intervene and to interrupt, disrupt and destroy
       these plans to enslave souls. The Spiritual Hierarchy has
       ordained total freedom to us in these matters. We have
       considered the hostilities internationally, the threats of
       escalation that apprear almost constantly and the issues as we
       see them. It is evident that a master diabolical hand prepares
       these ever-recurring incidents, skirmishes of lesser scale,
       military hostile actions and the repeated disturbances in one
       small nation after another.

        We are alert to the 'beast' and the plan and the purpose of the
       plan. We are united in our love for your world, with freedom to
       choose your own pathway within your own guidance system.

        Presently, many karmic debts remain upon nations which must be
       reconciled. However, we continue aloof to these situations
       where karmic debt is a factor, until that point in
       circumstances when the Cosmic Law is fulfilled. Beyond that
       point, intervention by the Intergalactic Confederation forces
       will be forthcoming, and men shall be told their acts of
       aggression shall proceed this far and no farther. The destiny
       of this planet may not be destroyed.

        Military offenses of whatever nature are monitored by our
       Commands, and close discernment of karmic patterns is
       faithfully examined. When national situations reach a boiling
       point, some nuclear activity can be expected within the karmic
       concept, but wanton uncontrolled destruction will precipitate
       our intervention under Universal Law. At the point of national
       and personal accountability, ALL NUCLEAR ACTION WILL CEASE, by
       use of our technology.

        The capability of mankind to make right choices is in a
       continual changing pattern, and in many areas greatly changing
       for the better. Consequently, we cannot offer dates and times
       and specifics involved. The element of constant change affects
       prophecy of the past, from and through any source, including
       your scriptures. These which deal with international affairs
       are subject to the will of man and his desire to find solutions
       in love.
       In our assesment of affairs, it seems unlikely that world
       evacuation would be precipitated by warfare. World evacuation
       has primarily been planned because of threats from other
       sources. I refer to the spiritual evolvement of humanity or the
       lack of it, and the influence it brings to bear upon the Life
       Force of the entity Earth. The aspirations of its inhabitants
       determine its destiny, as well as their own. Disharmony brings
       destruction. Displacement of spiritual values effects
       displacement of matter within and upon the globe of Terra.
       Earth changes will be the primary factor in mass evacuation of
       this planet. We will be standing by while the entity Earth's
       efforts to protect itself, shakes off its irritants and
       destructive elements.

       There is no place for fear of any kind relating to these
       matters. Everyone whose understanding has this awareness of our
       constant vigil on your behalf, who understands that the
       Heavenly Father knoweth the whereabouts of each of His Own and
       that the very hairs on your heads are numbered, should feel
       secure. We speak of the children of Light. The planet entity
       will enter a period of cleansing to prepare itself for its
       Golden Age. You are a part of that heritage and you shall
       inherite the Earth and its glory. In the Light of Our Radiant
       One, I depart now. This is Korton, of Mars, speaking for the
       Ashtar Command. Adonai."

        ---"and you may discontinue..."